Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stoney & Kit

Introducing Stoney and Kit.

Stoney is a cave dwelling faerie and Kit is his best friend. 

We first spied them last fall when our family took a trip to New Mexico and visited Carlsbad Caverns.  
Impish and playful, they love to flit about peeking in and out of the formations, playing with children who visit the cave.  Of course, this gets them into trouble with the everyone knows, faeries must stay out of sight of human eyes.  Stoney and Kit could care less about all that, they only know it is fun to fly around...sometimes if you sit very still and listen closely and quietly, you can hear them giggle.  But you have to be very quiet in order to hear them.

During the daytime hours, they spend their time in the cave snuggled up together napping and entertaining themselves with games and mischievous stunts.

In the early evening right around dusk,  as the bats take flight into the darkening sky, you just might be able to spy Stoney as he peeks out of the mouth of the cave, Kit is usually nearby flitting in and out all around the area her pal is hiding in.  Since Kit is a bat, she can come and go in front of humans as much as she likes,  Stoney has to wait till it is too dark for human eyes to discern the difference between a bat or faerie.  Once it is completely dark, he leaps into the sky and the duo spend the evening frolicking and flying about.  They love the feeling of the cool night air on their skin as well as the crystal clear desert night sky full of shimmering stars.  

So, how does one go about spotting faeries or their homes?  

Well, the simplest way is to view the world thru the eyes of a child :o)  It is difficult to see these magical things with adult eyes but a child's eye can see them everywhere.  With very little effort, they are capable of spotting the mystical and magical that is all around us all the time.  So my suggestion would be to have your young ones search for it first and then show you where it is :o)  Once they point it out to you, it becomes clear as crystal.

When we go out into natural areas, our younger kiddos have always made it a sport to try and find faerie hollows everywhere we go.  They search the base of trees and hillsides.  They know that a faerie hollow can be anywhere and they are usually very cleverly disguised

....some day I will tell you all the story of the faerie apartment tree we found in a giant redwood tree just south of San Francisco :o)  That will have to be another time....