Friday, September 19, 2014



Some of you will recall we used to have a program called Dibs!

Well,  It's back!  

Starting the first week of October 2014, every two weeks, we will be mailing out one Dibs! card to one lucky mama or papa.

But this time we have an even better twist for you....

Dibs!  holders will not only be able to pull a doll of any size from one of our Thursday RTG will also get that doll completely free of charge...

Yep, a FREE doll!

Now, there are a few basic rules....

1) When you receive your Dibs! card, you will have two (2) weeks to claim your doll.  We have to set a time limit so we can allow other folks a chance as well.  Once the two weeks are up, your card is invalid and can no longer be be sure to use your card.

2) This Dibs! code is only valid for our Thursday RTG uploads.  It cannot be used to claim any of our randomly released items.  It is also not valid for any MTO items.  

3)  Dibs! codes are NOT transferrable.  They are only valid for use by the original person the code was issued to.

4) You will have until 12:00 pm central on RTG upload day (Thursday) to call Dibs!  The doll must be claimed in the online shop by that time as well.

5) To Claim your Dibs!  Send us an email with your Dibs! code and the name or details of the doll you are claiming.  Send your email to this address...

OK, so how do you enter to receive one of these Dibs! cards?

You simply go to our Dibs!  page on our website and submit your info.  Here is the link...

We will randomly choose the lucky winners every two weeks. 

We cannot tell you how excited we are to be doing this.  We hope you all are excited too.

So, go ahead and submit your info....and keep an eye out in your mail, you never know, you could be receiving a Dibs! card in the mail.