Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mama Mades

You all remember Mama Mades?

For those of you who are new to DFH, years ago we had a line of dolls called Mama Mades.

These were blank, fully assembled bodies purchased from us, that you finished yourself with the help of our full length how to videos on our private blog.  We even used to have our own FB group just to share progress pics and ask for tips and pointers.  

It was so much fun seeing the little creations come to life with their own unique personalities.

Here are some pics we had of some of the finished cuties.

We stopped offering Mama Mades a couple years ago.  Right about the time we moved into the shop.  Many of you remember, I have toyed with the idea of putting together a Mama Made session in our shop in Denton.  Time just never seemed to allow for planning and putting one together.

Well, time has changed and we are finally able to do it!

I am so super excited to announce that we will indeed be having a Mama Made session in our Denton, TX shop on 

Saturday October 18, 2014!

from 9:30 to 3:00 or so.

Lunch and snacks will be provided by one of our awesome local food establishments here in Denton.

So how will this work?

First of all, this will not be the same old Mama Made from years will be a revamped version.  You will assemble your own will not be making the heads or cutting out patterns.  (it's not a doll making workshop, so that will already be done for you in advance) 

Basically, you choose your body style... Pixie, Sprite or Jewelwing.  Next, you choose your skin tone (choose from any color we offer)

Then you let us know what kind of hair you want him or her to have.  We will have our super awesome crocheting mamas make up your wig for you and it will be on hand waiting for you the day of the session.

The day of our session, you arrive and we help you assemble your body.  Don't worry, I will be on hand along with some of the ladies to help you.

Once your body is assembled, you will get to pick your eye and mouth color....and yes, you will sew those on as well :)

After that is done, you will attach your wig.  And finally, you choose your clothes and dress your cutie to take home with you :)

Don't worry, like I said, I will be there along with some of the ladies and we will make sure you have all the help you need to make your cutie special.  

I am totally excited....this will be a fun day for all of us :)

Spots will be limited to a small group...this way we can enjoy the time together and we can give everyone the help they may need.

I will be posting the spots in our shop on Tuesday (9/16)  Feel free to email us or message with any questions you may have.