Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Story of The Lost Kids...

There once was a small group of children who lived in the woods, who decided they never wanted to grow up.

  They wanted to live in a world filled with endless days playing in the sun, staying up late telling stories and taking long adventurous walks thru the woods.

They loved dressing up and pretending to be their favorite woodland creatures so much, that they decided that these would be the only clothes they would wear.  Good luck getting them to willingly put anything else on :)

Each child chose a different woodland creature....a bear, fox, rabbit, turtle, skunk, deer, wolf, hedgehog squirrel and field mouse.  

They come in all shapes and sizes....some are bigger and some are small.

They are Babies, Pixies, Sprites, Jewelwings and Imps

They are lighter skinned, darker skinned and all colors in between.

Some love to dig in the dirt, others love lounging in the meadow watching the clouds roll by.  Still others love to run as fast as they are able and of course, there are the ones who love to climb as high as they possibly can.  

Each one is very different from the other.  

After many weeks of play, they have all finally decided that it was time to find a home of their own.  A place where they can snuggle up at night with a best friend and have a story read to them as they drift off to sleep.  A place where they can have great adventures with their best friend...adventures they would never forget.

It is time for them to go home.  Their more detailed preview pics were posted in our Wednesday morning newsletter...and will be posted online on Wednesday at 5:00 pm central US time.

These cuties will be available for adoption on Thursday at 4:00 pm central US time.  Come join us and take one home....