Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday 23rd

We are getting ready to go out of town for a few days so we decided to wait until the beginning of April to kick off the giveaway.  It just makes more sense to hold while we are actually around :o)

We've been quite busy lately...but busy is good.  I have a couple of more positing in they shop before we leave then I will be offline for a few days.

We had some folks inquire about our TV experiment.  Its been a while now and I can honestly say we don't miss it.  Whatever we want to watch is at our finger tips whenever we want it.  What's funny, is for the most part, we end up not being motivated enough to actually put it on so we end up doing something else :o)  Its a great change to see in such a short period of time.  Do I see us as going back to the old way ?  No.  There is no reason.  Like I said, everything we want is at our fingertips.  With it all put in our control, we have noticed how passive it is to watch TV.  

Anyway,  all in all, a success.  I would highly recommend it to will be surprised :o)

Until next time,