Sunday, March 15, 2009


Well, its been a long week and a not so wonderful weekend.  I think after giving once a week listing a try, I am going back to my regular way of doing things.  It was easier for me and though it was a bit of work, it still worked fine for tomorrow, I hope to have a giant red gnome I have been knitting ready to post in the shop, and pretty much daily list something from  there on.  

Now on another note, I just received my first negative feedback.  Its upsetting because the customer never even contacted me about any issue they had. She ordered clothing for a 12 inch Waldorf Doll...the doll was a Peppa doll. I don't know anything about those dolls or their measurements.  She also left a scathing posting that was rather uncalled for.  Especially the part about the mass producer being better than homemade :o(  It was all rather mean for someone who had never given me a chance to help her out or anything.  I am a bit perplexed because I have not had an issue with negative feedback, nor with any items.  What I gather from other Etsyans, is that it is bound to happen eventually and that you cannot please everyone...some folks will just be unhappy.  

To be perfectly honest, I am a bit angry about her viscous tone and frankly more than a little hurt that she did not contact me.  I really wish she had, you all pretty much know I am workable and bend over backwards for my customers...this just hurts and its mean.  I gues the world is just full of angry, hostile people these days.

Anyway, that was just a wonderful ending to a wonderful weekend...Let's hope tomorrow is better.  

I hope you all are doing well. I will spend the rest of the night hanging out with my gang watching Heroes :o) and try to forget about this for a while.