Friday, August 14, 2009

The Gnomes go to....

Ok, we tallied up the comments and we had a total of 47 comments if I discount my own test post :o)

Rather than go with names, we went with order of comments posted. Rory got to pick the number from 1-47. She chose 6...because that's how old she is...any surprise there?

So the winner of the gnome family of four giveaway is...drum roll please :o)...

Very Verdant


Thanks so much to all of you who participated. This was fun and we will be doing this again. September 1st is our one year anniversary on Etsy so we will be doing something huge for that...keep your eyes peeled :o)


On another note, I am beginning to post new items again in the shop beginning with opening up the custom orders for September. I am also working on new dolls, all those lovely little folks are finally getting out of my head :o)

This little gal is one of the latest ones...I names her Ava because she reminds me of a precious little friend of ours :o)