Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday :o)

I cannot believe how quickly this week went by...or is going by. Wow!

This week was the official start of all the schools around here. We're taking it slow. I have lots of plans and ideas for some really neat things to do, I will try to share as many of those as possible with you all. Most of it involves outings to the Memphis Zoo and Botanic Gardens as well as museum classes and lots of time outdoors and with friends.

On another front, the gnome giveaway ends tomorrow. We will print out all the names and put them into a hat and then have Rory pull one...that will be the winner. I will post that result tomorrow and notify the winner.

I finished another custom order yesterday too. She turned out adorable...of course. Here she is...

I am working on my shop items. I hope to have some pics to upload to flikr tomorrow sometime...they will show up in the slide show on this page. Sort of a preview.

Busy times :o)