Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday Celebration

I am pretty sure I have said numerous times already that the month of August is huge around here...birthday wise. We have three kiddos who celebrate on the 6th (Rory), 8th (Connor) and 20th (Shannon). Its a busy month :o)

Yesterday, we had our celebration for both Rory & Shannon..we had a backyard party with a bounce house/water slide rental for the kiddos to get wet and have a blast running around and playing. Us adults sat around and enjoyed ourselves visiting, while the older kids wandered around or hung out together...doing whatever it is they do :o)

It was a great, relaxing day with awesome friends...My younger kiddos were so tired they went right to sleep, and for the first time in...forever...Rory actually slept in :o)

I would have pictures to post, but after downloading them this morning I realized that everyone was moving around so much, they are very blurry :o) I guess that proves they all had fun :o)


On another note, This is Halle.

Today, I am working on a boy doll. If he turns out half as cute as he is in my head he will be irresistible :o)