Saturday, August 20, 2011


Congratulations Jennifer E!

In response to the many requests for customs I have received, I have decided to take one custom at this time.

Here are the details:

You will get to choose hair, eyes, skin color and clothing style.

Skin: I will send a picture of your choices

Eyes:  pretty much any color you choose, as long as it is available to me

Hair:  I will send you an image of the natural color yarns you can choose from.  Dreads, nubby and boucle yarns can be hand dyed if that is what you want.  Please keep in mind that hand dying or kettle dying is not an exact process so sometimes the colors will be darker or lighter.
As for hand spun art yarn, if you wish to have hand spun yarn used, you will have to purchase the yarn and have it sent directly to me.  Before doing so,  please send me a link to the yarn so I can see the weight and let you know exactly how much you will need.

Familiars:  All animals must be chosen from the patterns we already have on hand. At the current moment, we have a horse, unicorn, frog, snake or dragon-fly

15 or 12 inch Clothes:  For girls, you may choose from either a play dress, sundress or t-shirt and jeans.  You can also add leggings or bloomers.  Undies and shoes will be chosen by me based on what fabric was chosen for the clothes.
For boys, you may choose a short or long sleeved t shirt, jeans, pants or shorts.  Shoes and undies will be chosen by me.

Mystical Mama clothing:  These will be chosen by me.  I will match them to the hair colors chosen. The mama will come wearing a dress, wings, undies and shoes.  The baby will be wearing a diaper and sleeper.

Littles Clothes: Girls come wearing a sundress and undies.  Boys wear a t-shirt and jeans or shorts.

Amberwing Clothes: These will either be a petal dress or tunic and pants and wings.  They will be made from batik fabric. I will choose this fabric to coordinate with the doll's hair.

Sweaters can be hand knit for you for an additional $35.00.  I will choose the yarn color to go with the fabric chosen.

Extra outfits can be added a la carte.  These will be subject to the fabric we have on hand and will be billed according to our regular pricing list.


15 inch doll -  $300.00
10 inch Little - $250.00
12 inch doll - $300.00
12 inch Amberwing - $300.00
Familiar set - $400.00
Mystical Mama - $500.00

The slot will be given lottery style.  I will contact the winner thru email so be sure to include an email address when posting.  Full payment for the basic doll, including shipping, must be received in order to secure the slot. You will have 24 hours to complete this part otherwise the slot will go to the next person in line.

After that, you will have my full attention working on this.  I will communicate with you thru emails as we go thru your options.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion.

If you would like a chance for this slot,  please comment under this post.  A name will be chosen this evening (8/20) at 9:00 pm central time.