Monday, August 29, 2011

A Week at DFH - Monday

  This week I will give you a run down of each day so you will get a chance to meet all the folks involved with making these wonderful creatures every week.  These are some pretty awesome folks,  you guys are gonna love them :o) Let's start with today


This is the day Mr DFH processes the shipping. 

He's pretty organized so he makes it look easy. 
 Little known fact about Mr DFH,  he works from home full time as an IT geek :o) (he loves it when I call it that)  Anyway,  he spends his Monday doing conference calls, taking care of some sort of technical stuff on his computer (no, I do not know a better way to put that)  processing the shipping and of course helping out around here with the kiddos and all their various needs and issues.  Yeah, he's pretty awesome.

As for me,  I spend the day putting on all the noses and prepping bodies to go to the ladies for assembling as well as prepping for training (if any is going on that day)  This is also my day for planning out what exactly we all are gonna do for the next week both for the shop and the family.  Hair combos and clothes for this week's dolls are chosen and plotted out.   Types of dolls are also plotted out for the next week and lists are made with the head and body sizes. 

There is also the time set aside doing some sort of school related work with the classes, math, get the idea :o)

Sometime, in the afternoon The awesome and super sweet Jo comes by.

Here she is :o)

Isn't she so cute?  Jo is a rockstar...seriously.  She is a stay at home mama to two absolutely adorable and busy little guys, Blake and Chase.  Seriously, these two guys are absolutely precious.  Her hubby is really awesome too and a super cool dad.   (had to add that in :o)  She has a degree in economics...yeah she's pretty doggone smart :o)  

Jo comes by with about 12 bodies she spent the previous week assembling.  She also picks up another 12 to work on throughout the rest of this week as well as all the wool and various other supplies she needs.  I told you she was a rock star :o)

I cannot tell you how sweet she is and how cool it is to know her.  She's a perfectionist, making sure every stitch is perfect..but you guys already know that :o)

Another little behind the scenes helper, Brenna.  
For those of you who don't know yet, she is my gorgeous and super talented oldest daughter :o)  She's 16.

When she is not volunteering at In Sync Wild Cat Rescue, tooling around in her car or just plain hanging out, she is my side kick.  On Monday, her job primarily is to give me weird looks :o)  just kidding. She wraps yarn to be ready to dye.  
She will be starting college in her schedule will be even more full by then.

This mama is Sissy.

Sissy is an awesome friend and neighbor who jumps in to help with just about everything as needed :o)  She is a stay at home mama of 4 awesome boys...three are nearly grown (24, 16, 15) and one little guy Tyler, is 4.  Tyler is way too cute and every bit the younger brother :o)  Seriously, all four of her boys are amazing.  

Sissy,  has helped me out with just about every aspect...she is always good for a laugh or two.  Today she is going to start taking over the animals and toddler doll assembly.  Thanks to her stepping in, we will be able to make sure there are some every week...she's pretty cool :o)

Later today,  I have a new mama coming over so she can a month or so she will be ready to introduce to you guys :o)

OK, that is the list of things that happen on Monday :o)  I guess its time for me to get started on some of my work.

Thanks for reading today,  see you all tomorrow :o)