Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Week at DFH - Tuesday


Another day another bunch of work to be done :o)

OK so Tuesdays,  are filled with lots of little tasks yet to be done.  
Today,  we will start prepping the dolls for this week's upload.  Trimming hair and last minute clothing changes because when laid out, I realized I wanted to go with a different look  (I tend to do that a lot..and yeah,  folks LOVE it when I do that). 

The absolutely wonderful mama of three adorable little people, Jess comes over to pick up and drop off. 
Here she is...

How adorable eh?  
She is so super sweet...all the ladies are.  She is an amazing sewer and don't even get me started on her three little cuties...seriously,  it is really hard not to just hug them to death when you see them...they are so PRECIOUS.  
Jess is extremely creative.  Right now she is taking it a little easy since she has a newborn (oh my gosh, he is absolutely squeezable) but as soon as she is ready, we will be tapping into that creativity to come up with even more fun things for you all so stay tuned for that.

This is what she picks up...

And, this is what she drops off...

Jess is pretty awesome :o)

So what else for today?  
Lots and lots of yarn to dye in prep for Kristen tomorrow, a few faces sewn onto a few dolls while I am waiting at the dentist's office as my three youngest get their teeth cleaned, sewing a couple last minute items, and wrapping it all up with Driver's Ed class for my 15 year old son. 
Yep, it's a glamorous life.

From time to time, the subject of getting a space to work from has come up.  
I guess you could say we could do it now and would grow into the space, so why not?   
After seriously mulling it over, I think it all comes down to the fact that if we had a space, we would need to have folks in it all day long working.  Including myself.  I would then be away from my family all day.  Since we homeschool, this would completely alter our lifestyle and that is something I am not willing to do.  We made the decision long ago to live a certain way and it is important to Robert and I that we continue to do so.  

So why not have a space and have someone else be there while I come and go?  
It's a pretty simple answer, I am not willing to have someone else do something I am not willing to do myself. I realize that there will probably come a time when we will absolutely NEED to move into a space...for now, it's not so much a necessity.  For now, we made the decision to keep plugging along like we are, growing our little troop of work at home mamas...and keeping them work at home mamas.  

It's pretty cool working this way, I mean think about it...
  We are not contributing to pollution (no mamas driving to work means no car exhaust), no time lost commuting and no stress of sitting in traffic.  By not spending the money on a space, we can use that money instead to hire another work at home mama or two :o)  DFH gets to grow with the help and expertise of happy mamas, putting all that positive energy into making our creatures.  And best of all,   these ladies get to spend precious time with their growing families. 

It's win, win

OK,  so that's it for today...I had better get some work done, that yarn is not going to dye itself :o)

Have a great day everyone, see you tomorrow.