Monday, February 23, 2009

The Great Television Experiment

We have decided to test out whether or not it is possible to replace our regular TV (we currently have satellite) with only using our internet.  With sites like and as well as the fact that every channel out there seems to have their shows available online, it would seem as though one could...on the surface...simply use their TV as a monitor and watch the shows that way. 

Netflix has full downloadable "watch instantly" DVD's and Hulu has a ton of shows available. We have wondered about it for a while so we decided to give it a try and see if it was possible and what, if anything, we would be giving up.  So far, we have realized its not as passive as the TV.  You do have to be more interactive in that you have to actually choose what you will watch rather than have it fed to you.  It took us a bit to get used to it...we still kinda are not...the first time we tried it, there were so many choices to choose from we could not decide on anything so we just turned it off :o)  Not really a bad thing if you think about it :o)

We officially started this past weekend, and so far, so good.  Today the kids watched several shows on that they usually watch on TV.  The best irritating commercials :o)  and no ridiculous teen queen pop videos...yay...that alone would make this worth it :o)

We are beginning this exercise using nothing more than a regular PC hooked up to our TV.  I will keep you all updated as it goes along.