Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy B-Day Meagan!

My fourth kiddo is 10 today.  I honestly cannot believe that she is getting so big.  I know its a cliche but seriously, it was just yesterday that she was a toddler roaming around trying desperately to keep up with her two crazy, older brothers while intermittently hanging with her older sister playing dress up  :o)  

She now is an amazing 10 year old who can be as feminine as girls can be, but is strong and confident enough to take on any boy and win :o)  Its so funny watching her out on skate ramps with her pink bmx bike :o)  In minutes, she ends up with a flock of kids around her trading tips.

That's our Meagan :o)

Our tradition is that the B-Day kiddo gets to dictate the family schedule for the day of their B-Day.  If they want to hang out, go out, play games whatever, it is their call.  Meg has decided that she wants to play video games with the gang today....until its time to go to lunch with mom & dad...alone :o)