Saturday, February 28, 2009

Internet TV...week one, in review

So far, so good :o)  Seriously.  We have spent the week watching nothing but what can be received via regular broadcast HDTV and the internet.

Broadcast TV has a lot of bugs to work out.  Reception is sketchy at best but it is livable.  Sometimes though its like watching satellite TV when a storm is coming thru.  The images gets really pixally and it freezes a lot.  I now know why the decided to postpone the permanent switch.

Internet TV has way fewer hang ups.  It stops rarely, only when its buffering something.  We have not missed anything we would have watched on TV.  I have to say, the best part about it is that we can watch what we want when we want it...its like TiVo only completely FREE :o)  Complete seasons of various hit TV shows are available on Netflix and Hulu or the network stations sites themselves have the rest available.  The caveat, many shows only become available to watch over the internet after they were originally aired.  For us, that is no problem.  The thought of waiting a day to watch a show is no bother at all...especially since its free :o)

Its not all advertising free.  There are the occasional commercials (one per break) and some networks have a mini advertisement logo at the bottom of the screen...if you are used to ignoring the station identification, you will be fine with this.  

The image quality is great.  I have absolutely no complaints about this...its excellent.

The kids have taken to it with kids tend to do so easily.  They know where their shows are and where to find them and they just go to it :o)

All in all, I would have to say, so far, so good.  We are still a bit overwhelmed with all the choices we have at our finger tips but we all seem to be enjoying it :o)