Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Month....

Well, surprisingly enough, its been a busy month so far. Not complaining, just stating the facts. Its great to be so busy. Needless to say, I have been forced to put some things I wanted to get going on hold for a bit...not so much on hold as pushed back a week or two. I am working feverishly to get my instructions finished for both my gnome families and giant gnome. I am also working on the patterns for clothing as well as my own set of doll body patterns. I have completed the full step by step instructions for making the dolls. I am giving them away free to anyone who orders doll making supplies.

Whew! all that aside :o) These are the things I was able to get done...

I listed a bunch of new items today as well as some things from my daughter...drop by and check it out.

I just got word that the CPSIA was voted unanimously to be put on hold for 12 months...its not over, it just gives us all 12 more months to fight it and make sure it uses common sense :o)

Beginning this week, I will post a special here on the blog. I will not say what day, or even what it will be so be on the look out :o) my own version of an online scavenger hunt :o)

I am now officially a member of the Etsykids team...yeah. As soon as I have the time and the will to sit and play with it, I will put a link to my Etsykids profile here, like I did the link for the sheteam.

That's it for today...I will see you all tomorrow :o)