Friday, February 6, 2009

Is Everything OK?.....

That's how it started yesterday afternoon when a friend came over to visit for the afternoon.  I opened the door and she immediately asked me if everything was OK.  My response...sure...what do you mean?  She then pointed out to me that there was all sorts of water in front of my house.  I casually brushed it off to her saying.."That's probably left over from the rain"  she stood there patiently waiting for me to realize it hadn't rained recently.  

Needless to say, a water maine broke (or at least a small plastic part of it) in front of my house.  Water was seeping out and pooling up in the gutter in front of our house.  It was flowing down the road right into our neighbor's from yard creating a nice reflecting pool :o)  On the upside, we realized that our house sits on the highest point of our hill :o)  On the down side, their house sat slightly has also been for sale forever and finally found a this market, no small feat...

We called the water company and they sent out a crew who subsequently went about turning off our water to stop the flow at least ( we had already established that it would not hurt us at all but our neighbor probably doesn't have flood insurance).  The plastic part that broke was on "our side" so we had to fix it.  No worries, DH can take care of it in a snap...oh, I forgot to mention...he was out of town.  Yup, the first time he goes out of town in MONTHS and this happens.  So, no water until DH gets back to replace the tiny plastic part...urrrrggg

The kids and I took it all in stride...what exactly would getting upset do?  

Now due to the water in the front of the house, the side yard...where the dog's pen is...was a mud bog.  Or at least a portion of it was muddy.  That would be the very same portion they could NOT resist going into and out of least it seemed because they had mud all over...and they got it all over.  So, no water and two muddy dogs who were getting mud everywhere.  

We went out and dropped off DD at her friend's home and picked up some bottled water (lots of bottled water).  We got home, let the muddy dogs back in and called it a night.  Well, not before spending a few hours being followed around by Brandy (the teenage dog :o) who was frankly upset that DD was not home ( the two of them like to get...or rather NEED to get their beauty sleep together) so she felt compelled to follow me around and at every opportunity, sit in front of me, stare and growl or moan at me.  

Needless to say, its all OK.  The pipe piece will be fixed soon and as of this moment, the neighbor is not burning effigies of us :o)  and I get to have two days of no cooking...yeah!  That alone almost makes it worth it :o)

Just another day :o)