Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Jan 15

Good Morning All...

Hope you are having a good day. Its all busy and loud and funny here...typical morning :o)

I wrapped up some customs this week, I still have some work to do for the last one this week, she and her dressup will be ready tomorrow :o).

Next week is a whole new set of customs to work on. Yay!

I will be working on some more ballerina outfits. I cannot say how many I will list for sure yet but I do know there will at least be one pink and one purple...yep, purple :o) More really cute outfits as well.

For new dolls...

Today I am listing Noah and Autumn. It took me a bit longer to finish Noah than I thought but he is finally ready to go home :o)

I am working on a 12 inch baby doll and a couple of 16 inch dolls (both girls) as well as an aqua mermaid. I hope to have these listed throughout this week. Some more 12 inch dolls are coming as well...we will see if we can get to them or not this week.

We are busy working on the new website. Well making the old one actually work :o) I am absolutely in LOVE with the graphics :o) The images celebrate childhood in a real heartfelt way...I am pretty sure when you see them you all will agree. The new site will make it easier to order customs as everything will be there in plain view for more paging thru hundreds of sold dolls :o) More news on that when we are ready...

Well, I guess that's it for now, I hope you all have a great day.