Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Jan 29th

Good Morning folks.

It's upload day...yay! I finished Star last night and her pics are on Flickr now. The whole gang will be uploaded to Etsy today at 5:00 pm CST. Its been hard, but I am holding to my promise not to hold or reserve any of them so they are all still very much available and will be tonight.


I made some changes to my shoes...changes for the better. Many of you already know that I am always looking for ways to improve. Recently I have been fixated on the shoes :o)

We all make them from felt and while felt is a wonderful, natural material, its just not sturdy enough for me, and well let's face it, after a while of being played with by little hands it gets all pilly.

This has bugged me for some time so I began trying to play around to find a way to make it better. I have found it...

Here are the new shoes...

They are felt lined and the soles are felt. The outside is cotton fabric. The cotton makes them as sturdy as the outfits they are made for yet still remaining all natural and soft. The result is a pair of shoes that fit well and will last for a very, very, very long time :o)

Also, this has opened up a whole new realm of fashion possibilities :o) I now have an unlimited array of shoe options for every occasion. SWEET!

The shoes in the image are my booties or ankle boots but I am working on versions of ballet slippers, mary janes and boots...and wait 'till you see the fairy shoes later today :o) I might even come up with sandals at some point...perhaps closer to summer :o)

I just wanted to share the latest improvement I have made.


The poll is closed. Thank you for letting me know your thoughts, I think you will see that I have taken your recommendations to heart :o)

I will continue to make the mermaids both with permanent tails as well as a new mermaid princess that will come with a removable tail and extra dress so she has something to wear when she comes aground.

The fairies will have removable wings unless someone asks specifically that they be attached permanently for a custom :o)

Thanks guys.


That's it for right now, I have things to get to today...we have a big winter storm pushing thru here right now, we are snug and comfy at home watching the freezing rain and sleet fall hoping it will soon switch over to least enough for the kids to play in for the day cause it will be melted in 2-3 days :o)

Have a great day, I will be back at 5:00