Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Ya know, I have been meaning to sit down all week so far and post something. I just never seemed to get around to it. With the normal chaos and hullabaloo around here the time just never really presented itself.

Well, I finally have some time so I figured that while I have this bit of semi-quiet time (the older kids are not downstairs yet so it's just myself and my "littles" hanging out...oh and their dollies too of course :o) ("the littles" is our code name for anyone under 9 around here)

Yesterday was just one of those days, you know the ones, when you are trying to focus and get something done but something inside just will not turn on. You sit and stare at the same paragraph for 30 minutes until you realize you have no idea what you are looking at. It was like that. I must have read one particular math word problem my DD was working on at least five times before it occurred to me that my focus was shot. Really though, why do we care how fast John will arrive somewhere if he takes a shortcut that takes 15 miles off of his trip but drives 4 miles per hour slower...I remembered that much at least :o)

Say it with me...word problems are the worse. Toss in some long division, fractions and solving for y and woohoo we have a party!

OK, I'll stop whining about math. I could go on for hours :o) That is why math and science are hubby's domain while art, literature and history are mine :o)

Today is starting out better. After sleeping with a dolly's hair in my face all night then being poked and whispered to for about 30 minutes by a little voice saying "wake up. I want chocolate milk" I was able to spend a few minutes hanging alone with the younger kiddos in relative quiet.

DS (13 stb 14) just woke up ...he comes down the stairs like a freight train. Seriously, he is the only person who is unaware of how big he is. He has grown so much in the past year. He still moves around like he is a little boy, but he is physically taller than I am :o) (Both of my older kiddos are now taller than I am. I am becoming the smallest person in the house ) When he comes downstairs, his first stop is always the kitchen. This kid is always eating food, preparing food or looking for food. His brother (12) is right there holding his own...not quite to the point of his older brother yet but we can see it coming.

DD (15) is still sleeping...with her teen dog :o) This dog thinks she is a teen girl...really. She even has emo days. The two of them would sleep all day if they could, then they would be up all night. Its OK though in a bit the others will head upstairs and as the wild rumpus begins, the two of them will get up and join the rest of us :o)

As for me, today I look forward to taking the four older kids out for "coffee" this afternoon. We'll hang out and hit some art supply stores as well as a bookstore or two then head home. Hubby gets to stay home and play with the "littles".

Hope you all have a great day...enjoy your "littles" they become "big folks" way too soon.

Have a great day...