Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Jan 11

I thought I would show off a couple of girls who are ready to go home that I have been working on.

Aisha's girl here...

She wanted a ballerina dress up too so I whipped this ensemble up for her :o) I am in love and I honestly don't know why I haven't made one earlier. Our QC crew are enthralled :o) Suffice to say,this outfit is completely approved by Rory and Shannon :o) and is now on their "gotta have" list.

Side note...for those not too familiar yet, Rory and Shannon are my two youngest kiddos they are 8 and 6. I call them my Quality Control (QC) group because they help me to make sure the things I make are sturdy :o) they do a lot to inspire me :o)

This is Sue Anne's girl. She will be going to one very lucky granddaughter real soon :o)

New this week?

There will be more mermaid dress ups listed today for 16 inch dolls as well as this awesome pink faerie dress up for a 16 inch doll.

I have more dolls for the shop that I am working on this week as well as the customs I have listed. Check out Flikr to see some pics. I am working on another autumn faerie this week :o)

Well that is about it for today...I am off to list some items in the shop.

Peace and warmth to all :o)