Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Jan 7 :o)

I have to come up with some snappier titles for my blog entries :o)

OK, so I promised a list of the customs for this month in order of when I intend to work on them and have them completed. I am listing them by weeks, which means that your doll will be complete by the end of that week. The weeks are starting on Mondays and ending on Sundays :o)

Here goes...

Remaining customs for Week of 1/4/10

Cathy 1078

Week of 1/11/10


Week of 1/18/10

Alitx99 (2)

Week of 1/25/10


If you all have any questions convo me. As of right now this is the schedule. I intend to be sending off the last custom for the month by the 29th :o) Pretty busy, eh? You guys are all are keeping me busy.


On another note...I am wrapping up the sweater instructions...hopefully they will be ready soon :o)

I had a request for a ballerina dress up...been working on that, and it should be available shortly as well.

Another item that is new...Faerie Dress ups :o) Here is a picture of the first one. This is for a 12 inch doll and I will be listing it tomorrow. I am hoping to get a 16 inch one done in the next day or maybe list on Monday or tomorrow if I can get it done today :o)

Anyway, it looks like that is it for today. It snowed here last night...not enough to be fun but just enough to be a bit white outside.

Have a great day folks...