Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Jan 31st

Good morning guys, I took yesterday off, no computer and no real work so I could hang out and just relax with the gang here :o)

The snow fell more during the night Friday, leaving enough snow for the kids to all have their fun in it and enough snow to make driving a hazard. It wasn't a ton of snow, maybe an inch or two...but it was enough to wreak havoc down here. For you guys who live up north where it actually snows, I know just over an inch of snow is a ridiculous amount but here in the south, a tiny bit of snow is a big deal. Since we have lived in the Memphis area, we have noticed we get snow at least once, maybe twice a year. I mean enough snow to make a sticks around for a day or two but then it melts away. Case in point, by Tuesday I believe they are saying the temp will be up into the 50's so any snow still around by then will be gone. Needless to say, we still have some today so I am sure the kids will be out in it...we have lots of neat icicles hanging around out there...makes me think of the awesome artist Andy Goldsworthy If you haven't seen his documentary called Rivers and Tides you would enjoy it. I know we all did when we saw it years oldest artist kiddo was especially intrigued by it.


Tomorrow is a new month which means a new giveaway will begin. I haven't figured out a name for her yet, but I promise you all will love her :o) All the info you will need to win her will be up tomorrow.


Friday was busy. I think everyone was happy with the way things went down so I think I am going to keep the same routine going.

Thursday...Flickr Preview
Friday...New Shop Cuties

I will have another 5 dolls to post this Friday. I have a ton of funky yarn in all sorts of colors for some incredibly cool'll like them :o) You will be able to see them on Thursday.


I think That's it, folks are starting to move around here and I need some coffee :o) We'll see you guys tomorrow.

Stay warm and cozy